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You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

A wedding invitation sets the tone for the entire day and is the first impression for your guests about what your wedding day will be like. It signals the formality and style of the event, reflects the personaltilies of the couple and even clues guests in on what kind of clothing to wear!

A wedding invitation can entice a guest to attend or make them want to keep that day open for other options. But you don't have to stress over that, we can help you create the perfect invitation where your guests will want to attend!

Here are some helpful hints to think about before you order your invitations:

  1. Come up with an idea about what your dream wedding look like. Will it be in a ballroom at a grand hotel? Beachside at a resort? At a winery in the Wine Country or in an outdoor garden setting? Your invitation should reflect the setting of your wedding whether it is formal or casual, contemporary or vintage.
  2. Decide on a color palette. What color will your bridemaid dresses be? What about the flowers at the reception? Sometimes the wedding location will dictate a color palette-such as existing flooring and wall colors inside a ballroom. A wedding at a winery can have a wonderful plum and green theme. Sometimes the time of year also will help you come up with a color palette. Winter weddings are wonderful with silver and cool colors while summer suggests warmer colors. It is helpful to bring in color swatches from linens or bridesmaid dresses when ordering your invitations.
  3. Determine a guest list. When you come in to order invitations, remember you are not giving each guest their own invitation. Be sure to count the addresses you will be mailing to and not the bodies who will be attending. Typically, most guests will be couples or families so an average wedding where you are inviting 150 guests may need only 75 to 100 invitations. And etiquette wise, every person over the age of 18 should get their own invitation, even if they are living with their parents. Anyone under 18 can be included on their parent's invitation by name or if there are more then 2 as "and Family".
  4. Have a realistic budget for invitations. You can not expect to get a beautiful invitation with multiple accessory cards for less then you would pay for a greeting card. Invitations can run anywhere from $3 per invitation to more then $50. Another surprising fact is you can not always make them yourself for less. There are some very nice affordable invitations with raised print that are less expensive than you buying stock and printer ink so don't close down that option thinking you can save money. If personalization is your motive for making invitations yourself, you can always embellish invitations that are ordered from a dealer with ribbons, jewels or a complimentary cardstock layer to accent or stiffen thinner stock.
  5. Order extra invitations. You will always think of additional people who you have forgotten or your future in-laws will think of someone they have forgotten so you should order 15-25 extra invitations. If you try to save money by ordering exactly what you need, it could end up costing you much more in the long run. Re-ordering an additional 25 invitations after your order has arrived can cost 3 times as much as if you had ordered an additional 25 in the first place. The reason for this is the labor involved in setting everything up. Presses still need to be setup, inked and cleaned afterward so the quantity you are ordering does not matter. Whether it is 1 or 100, that prep work will still need to be done.
  6. Order 15% extra envelopes. Whether you will be hand addressing, printing or hiring a calligrapher, mistakes will be made. Calligraphers will ask for additional envelopes and when printing on a printer you can also have mishaps. Be prepared with additional envelopes.
  7. Addressing the envelopes. Nothing on invitation envelopes should be abbrieviated except Mr. and Mrs. and Jr. and Sr. Everything else should be written out. You should write out Doctor instead of Dr., Post Office Box in place of PO Box and all the states should be written out fully. You should also be sure to spell out Apartment, Number and the road names such as Street instead of St. And remember, your wedding invitations are not business form letters so do not put clear or white labels on them.
  8. Printing methods. A good stationer will be able to explain the most popular printing methods for invitations and help you find one to suit your budget. At the Paper Habit, we offer 6 forms of printing: engraved, letterpress, silkscreening, thermography, foiling and flat printing which is a blanket name that includes digital, laser, inkjet and offset printing. It is helpful to look at the different methods of printing samples in bridal magazines before you go invitation shopping so you have an idea of what you like.
  9. What accessory cards do I need? If your ceremony and your reception are at different places, typically a reception card is used. If you are reserving a block of rooms at a hotel for your guests, an accommodation card is needed to let them know. If your wedding is out of town or the reception and wedding are more then a few miles apart, directions are needed. A respsonse card is typically ordered with every wedding invitation suite. This card is used to find out who is attending. It also can be used to find out what your guests want to eat and you can reiterate the number of guests invited with a polite "___ seats have been saved in your name". You can also use the response card to let people know in a polite way that the wedding is for adults only by saying "___ adults attending" in place of the able to attend line.
  10. Making a wedding invitation decision does not have to be stressful. The best thing to do is look at lots of invitation samples and note the ones that you like. Even if you come into a store with no ideas, you will start to see a pattern forming when you go through some books and compare all your favorite designs. This will narrow down and help you to define your personal style.

With these 10 tips in mind and with help from people who are passionate about invitations, the creation of your perfect wedding invitation should be a fun and creative experience. Come into the Paper Habit Studio and visit us. We will help you find the perfect invitation!

Remember, you never get a second chance to make first impression.

If you 'd like to come in and look at our wedding invitations: Schedule your appointment today!

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